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  1. Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT)

Predictive Engineering Services helps our client, by providing solutions for monitoring, configuring and even controlling local and remotely located devices to implement and at considerably less cost than traditional connectivity solutions.

Predictive Engineering Services can design Internet of Things (IoT) into a variety of devices across a wide range of applications from monitoring remotely located sensors to streaming full-motion video over an Internet connection.

We can enable hardwired connections to the outside world via Ethernet, short range wireless connections using industry standard and custom protocol RF, and long-range connections via cellular or satellite. The solutions we design are all easily accessed by standard web browsers running on a PC or handheld device.

We can usually add IoT connectivity to a device with very little or no additional product cost. We are ready to help you identify options and think through trade-offs. Whether you need a low-cost or high-end system, we can provide a development solution that gives your product the performance you need at a price you can afford.

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Internet of Things Case Study

ATM Security

Business Requirement

Cost of having security guards at ATMs is quite high. Hence a number of urban ATMs don't have security guard. Getting an intelligent security mechanism at the ATM is need of the hour. The basic requirements for such a system are:

  • Ability to capture video only when someone enters the ATM room or an event is detected
  • Real time notifications to concerned persons in case there is an unexpected activity happening there
  • Video analytics and machine learning to be able to effectively monitor the activities
ATM Security


  • Predictive Engineering intelligent ATM security system can do all this and more in a significantly reliable manner.
  • Sensors along with video analytics at the ATM room provides a mechanism to understand the user actions and be able to raise alarms and send real time notifications for ensuring high reliability at a very affordable cost.


  • Multiple wireless sensors for digitizing activities at the ATM
  • Over the air updateable Advanced IoT Gateway
  • Video analytics ability at the ATM level to analyze user actions
  • Video Recording only based on activity
  • Command and Control Center for tracking and analyzing events
  • Wireless actuators and alarm systems


  • A highly reliable and maintainable system that enhances ATM security significantly
  • Significant reduction in total cost of ownership for managing ATM security

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