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  1. Digital Engineering Services

Digital Engineering Services

Digital Engineering Services


Cost Efficiency


Value Engineering

The convergence of information technology, engineering and manufacturing with the 'Industrial Internet of things' is redefining the traditional capital project and operational sustenance activities of our clients.

Predictive Engineering is geared to provide integrated engineering consultancy services using high end digital engineering suites. New digital tools converge with engineering domain expertise to provide a new line of services that provide incredible value to customers using IoT platform.

Digital Engineering Services

Osmosis Features

  • Osmosis Gateway Features

    • Over the air updates
    • Power Backup - 8hrs
    • Tamper Proof
    • Wi-Fi/GSM
    • Heavy data programming
    • Secure and safe
    • Multi communication channel guaranteed Deliver of message
  • Osmosis Platform Features

    • Device Management
    • User Management
    • Business Rules
    • Reports & Analytics
    • Integrating with other IT Systems
    • Events
    • Work Flow
    • Data Streaming
    • Call Center Operations
  • Node Features

    • Easy to Connect Sensor
    • Very small Form Factor
    • Very Low power consumption
    • Reading Data from any sensor using Generic API
    • 12C,SPI Digital IO configuration rather than coding
    • Low Cost
  • Mobile APP features

    • Weekly Reports
    • Monthly Reports
    • Action Reports
    • Customized reports
    • Open / close
    • Alarms
    • Notifications

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